Aleesia Feat. Big Sean- Kiss it Bye VIDEO

The fabulous Canadian dancer/singer Aleesia has released her brand new music video “Kiss It Bye” featuring Big Sean! The music video is simple but really catches the RnB vibe feeling in the song. It reminds me a bit of the music videos to “Never Ever” by Ciara and “Goodbye” by Krystina DeBarge. First I thought the song was boring but then at 3.05 I got hooked, then the beat really kicks in and the dancing sequence is just perfect! I wouldn’t mind though if they would have cut out the scenes that are in her apartment, they are kind of BOORING. More dancing please!

PS. Don’t you think that Big Sean and Aleesia had more chemistry than the other two guys (that by the way looked like two persons in one).

I really think that Aleesia has potential but she never gets the attention she deserves. Her music might not be revolutionary but she is an amazing artist! Hopefully Big Sean will draw some more attention to her 🙂

Here are three other songs by Aleesia:

Not That Kind Of Girl Is my personal favorite <3! The choreography is FIERCE!!!


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