<3 Give Me All Your Luvin’ <3

I’m in heaven!  The Madonna era 2012 has finally begun!!!! And no one is escaping!

The internet, subways YOU NAME IT! Madonna is EvErYwHeRe! Her new unreleased album MDNA is no.1 on iTunes in 52 out of 53 countries that she can be at the moment, and has already sold an estimated 2 million in 24 hours. Suck on that.

I don’t know where to start with this review…. let’s just begin with that Madonna is and will always be the Queen of pop. No one will dethrone her (yep you heard right GaGa).

In this video she really shows that she is back: It’s self-aware, thoroughly modern, cheeky, sarcastic and glamorous.

AND MOST OF ALL she shows the world that the queen never can be considered old! (the awkward moment when Madonna only looks 7 years older than M.I.A. & Nicki) Which by the way did a wonderful job! M.I.A. is so edgy and cool without trying! I am so glad that they were next to Madge, then the whole bow for the queen thing got even more clarified (if you know what I am talking about).

“L-U-V Madonna!”

My favorite parts are…. You know what?! I can’t even decide because THE WHOLE video is my favorite part (hehe).

JUST WATCH AND SEE, YOU WON’T BE DISSAPOINTED! these 3.45 minutes that are ahead of you will always be kept in your heart <3!

I hope that you didn’t miss GaGa’s failed cameo attempt:


oh, and please God could you fast forward the time so that when I wake up the date will be 23/3? You see I can’t wait any longer for the MDNA album.


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