Girls’ Generation’s First USA tv performance

K-POP is the new phoneme that is starting to spread around the world. I think it is great that more music is spreading to the western world from Asia, even though I don’t like music that I can’t understand. The fascinating thing about pop artists from Asia is that they have been trained in singing, acting and dancing on such a high level that most of them weren’t able to attend school from the age of 15 years old. They go all in for their dreams, which is very risk taking if you don’t succeed.

I have tried to like K-POP because of the extremely talented performers/artists. Most of the acts are groups and some of them like Girls’ Generation have more than 6 members. What they all have in common though is that they are so synced when they  dance and sing that you sometimes feel like they are clones! There is one thing that I dislike, why can’t they sing in English? They are more than welcome to keep on singing in Korean or Japanese as long as they release an English version as well.

The only band that I liked before from Asia were 2ne1, but that was only because of them as a group (I don’t like their music).

But now Finally the first K-POP act ever in history performed on American televison (and they sang in English woho!). Let me introduce my latest addiction: Girls’ Generation! Who totally slayed their american debute! The band consists of nine members and they all sing but there are four lead singers. The choreography was awesome as expected, I love that I can think about the choreography when I think about the song (Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat). I LOVE you choreographer, whoever you are :´)!

The song is called “The Boys” and the album was released in October last year.

here is the music video which also is flawless

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