Chris Brown – I LOVE YOU

This is just Beautiful. Listen to Breezy’s new leaked song “I Love You” from his upcoming album Fortune, that will be released this spring. I love me some Chris Brown ❤

Chris Brown – I Love You (Full, No Shouts).mp3 – Hulk Share – Music Distribution Platform.

Chris Brown is in my opinion the closest thing we have to Michael Jackson today, he is the prince of Pop.

F.A.M.E. that hit the shelves almost one year ago, was one of my absolute favorites from 2011. I think that Fortune will be pretty similar to F.A.M.E. sins the lead single ”Turn Up The Music” sounds pretty identical to x3YEAH (but it is MUCH better).YEAH and Turn Up The Music are two very good examples of today’s mainstream pop music, ”yeah, yeah, YEAAAH…… X10000” and “Oh, oh, oh, oh,Oh, oh, oh, oh…”. They get stuck in your head and they become instant hits, but they are not great songs. I personally dislike songs that are too mainstream, I can after the first listen imagine how tortured I will feel like two months from now when the radio stations will play them on repeeaat. I usually don’t become obsessed with music that I know everyone else will like. It’s much more interesting to find tunes that not so many have heard. Mainstream songs are OK/good until everyone else find out about them, because they discover them too late.

But enough of mainstream hate, I love Chris Brown even though his lead singles might not always be one of the best songs from his albums. I am very mucho exited to see the music video to Turn Up The Music!! He shot it four days ago, and I know that it will be AMAZING. I can’t wait to see his hotness, choreography and the other dancers!

Turn Up The Music:

It is after all the music videos with great choreography and dancers that are the bests, and almost no matter how bad a song might be, the music video can make you switch from team hate to team love ❤ (like x3Yeah did to me ((almost)) ) hahaha 😉

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