Loreen – Euphoria

winner in Deltävling 1, Melodifestivalen (Eurovision Song Contest Sweden)- Växjö.

I love Loreen! Her electro-pop music and her voice combined equals magic. She also participated in the singing competition last year with My Heart Is Refusing Me, but then the swedish population (except me and some other courageous soules) weren’t able to recognize good music when it was presented right infront of them!

Euphoria is very similar to My Heart Is Refusing Me, the chorus has this massive dance stick while the verses are more smooth/dark and mysterious. I think that it is great that she sticks to her style that also is reflected in her performances, music and stage clothes. In case any of you wonder why the performance was so good I can tell you why: Ambra Succi from Bounce choreographed it.

And here is My Heart Is Refusing Me: (look at the dancers, they are amazing)

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