Jessie James- When You Say My Name

oooooh no! this is really bad. I’m so disappointed right now because I know that she is capable of so much more than some cheesy Taylor Swift country music.

Jessie James is a country/pop artist (the only country artist I have in my library), she is a bit different for her genre: Most of her songs are quite sassy and the beats are more RnB than country. It’s hard to describe but you could say that she mixes Country music with RnB and POP. When You Say My Name is AN EXCEPTION, of her usual standards! I have no idea, how her new single and video could turn out this bad! haha I guess that the world never stops surprising you  😉

(keep in mind that this is NOT Jessie J, many people mix up their names)

If you want to see her full potential, listen to this clip instead. This was my jam two years ago ❤ <3. This is a pure girl anthem.

“I hang in my blue jeans, I swing in my blue jeans…..Ohh I’m like Woahh
I got a fresh new pair they’re so dope”

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