Tinashe- In Case We Die (update)

Tinashe was a member of one of my favourite girl groups, the Stunners they had a short lived career (2 years). The Stunners’ music style was pop, but this mixtape that Tinashe released three days ago has a complete different more mature RnB sound. “In Case We Die glides along wisps of drippy beats, echoed yelps, sultry Cassie-like icy R&B and strange, atmospheric sounds in the distance.”-(muumuse) I think that the outstanding cover represents the music very well!

“I was very inspired by the thought of a lover’s last words before death–bearing their soul and their secrets before it was too late…and trying to capture that half-fear we all secretly have that the inevitable is sooner than we are ready for,” she explains of the mixtape.

I have changed my mind now about the album! 🙂

In Case We Die is brilliant! I think that the RnB sound in the songs are very cool/different and relaxing to listen to, many of the songs are kind og similar (which is not a negative thing) . You know that feeling you get when you have listened through a whole album and you can’t sort out the songs, “which one was which one and how did that song go like?”. In Case We Die had that feeling after the first listen. Now after a few more listenings those thoughts are gone. The bonus track “Chainless” is the song that is most “Normal” if you compare to mainstream RnB music, so if you don’t like the spooky sound in the rest of songs my recommendation to you is: Chainless or maybe Crossing The Cosmo and This Feeling if you don’t like too heavy RnB. 😉

I give In Case We Die: 4/5

The best songs are: Stumble, ❤ Boss ❤, My High, Chainless, and I Tried.

Download In Case We Die for free (legally from Tinashe’s website)

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