Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris Music Video

I L-O-V-E Niggas In Paris, I think that it is the best song from the “Watch The Throne” album. The beat is dope just like the kings of Rap/Hip-Hop Jay-z and Kanye! The best part in the song is the stick at 2.54 aaaagghhh it’s pure perfection and then when Kanye comes in: “You are now watching the throne….”<33. Niggas In Paris is my ideal Rap/Hip-Hop song, it has everything that I desire!

Ok, time to focus on the video. Hmmm, I expected more I think that the effects are pretty cheap and it’s basically just a live performance that they recorded. There are not so many people on earth that can own a stage the way Kanye and Jay do without choreography, so I mean the performance was good but I would not call this a music video. Maybe I had my hopes too high but I was expecting something like Kanye’s “Monster” video.


This is very random, but I thought about Abbas’ SOS music video when I first saw the Niggas In Paris video. Hahaha I don’t know if this is just me, but can’t you see the similarities with the effects that they are using?? you know the double effect ;)? I don’t listen to Abba that often, but I can seriously laugh at their embarrassing effects that they used. Omg, if someone released a music video like this today people would seriously considered if the editors were 8 years old!

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