Katy Perry- Part Of Me (brand New single)

It’s officially here now, Katy’s new lead single “Part Of Me”, and it is much better than what I first thought when I listened to the preview last week. I love the cover, it feels like the 80’s all over again ❤ and she has a natural hair color!

I like the song although am I worried that I will get very tired of it after I’ve played it 40 times. Right now I love it almost as much as I loved “Circle the Drain”, Part Of Me is similar but a little bit more boring (not as powerful). The song is pretty mainstream and it sounds like a track that could have been included in the “Teenage Dream” album. That is not strange at all because it was a leftover!! I am very surprised that Dr. Luke has produced it, Part Of Me doesn’t really feel like him, it’s too pop:ish (but maybe Max Martin’s contribution had something to do with that) ;).

_____________________.!!!!!!!……..50 minutes later:

UPDATE!!! I’VE LISTENED TO IT 16 TIMES NOW AND I LOVE IT MORE AND MORE!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ part of me is such a “feel good song”!!!!! woho ❤ ❤

this is a speed up version, but if you want the real version download it here for free!

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