Chris Brown- Turn Up The Music MUSIC VIDEO

It’s finally here!! Turn Up The Music and it isn’t a disappointment. I love that it is focused on the choreography, more videos needs to be like this one. Chris Brown is the only professional male artist dancer in the western world. Yes, I know that Usher and Jason Derulo also can pull of some moves, but they are NOT on the same level as Breezy. He is an amazing artist and I’m tired of people judging because of his douche bag personality. He is in the industry because of his talent and music, so why are people so obsessed with his personality instead of what he is providing us with, entertainment. I am not saying that I support his actions, i dislike his personality A LOT, but I listen to the music and watch his music videos/performances and enjoy it. Chris Brown has problems with controlling his anger, but I don’t have to know him on a personal or support violence only because I listen to his music. Those who hate him the most are the ones that aren’t interested in pop/rnb music. I would like to ask those people why they keep on hate commenting his tweets and music videos that he is a “horrible women abuser” instead of engage themselves in organisations against violence or whatever if they are so upset. You will NOT help women who are victims for violence by hating on one singular person.

There is at the moment a lot of drama on the internet about Rihanna’s collaboration with Chris Brown on her full length version of “Birthday Cake”. Two of my favorite music blogs “Muumuse” and “theProphetblog” are going boycott it and encourage their readers not to buy it, because then we will endorse domestic violence. I can understand their point, but I am actually exited to hear it! It will be released on Monday.

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