Parade- Throw It Up In The Air

Parade is a new girl group from the UK who released their first album “Parade” last year, they have released two singles from it “Louder” and “Perfume”.  I don’t like the original version of them because they are: lame, slow and boring just like the rest of the album! Luckily, Wideoboys have saved their career with remixes on both of the singles :).

I mean this is soooo much better:

than this:

I think that their image could really fill up a spot in British music right now. They are all about spreading love, energy and happiness and sins the Saturdays are the only  Girl Band at the moment, Parade could definitely have a chance to make it (before Girls Aloud are reuniting). What I like with Parade is that they all are GOOD dancers! that is very rare in british girl groups, usually they only care about looks and vocals. If Parade only got the right material to work with AKA dance music they could be a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Which is why I am so happy that they finally also have realised that too!

Here is their new single “THROW IT UP IN THE AIR”:  (1.30)


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