Vanquish- The Harder You Love

OK, this is apparently a new girl group from the land of girl groups, UK. Oh my, this is embarrassing “/. Let me just start off with the name “Vanquish”, by looking at the logo and just reading the name HAHAHA are they mermaids? Anyone else getting the aquamarine vibes???Image

OK, what to say about the members. hmm, only one and a half have potential: the blonde girl (and the girl with the hideous striped skirt). The other two ehhmm well, they don’t have the girl group look and the woman/lady with the longest hair is waaay too old. They look more like background singers.

The song is a “been there done that”, it’s a eurovision song contest schlager thing that you can listen to ONLY once.

THE THING I dislike maybe the most is their ugly clothes, WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY WEARING? and the music video is so cheap that they should have spent the money on promotion tours instead of this mess.

I guess that they can sing, but they can’t dance and that is a big NO-NO for a POP girl group.

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