LISTEN&DOWNLOAD: “Melody Thornton- P.O.Y.B.L” -mixtape


Melody’s mixtape is here and it sounds very interesting. There is a lot of new elements that I’ve haven’t listened to so much before :), it’s very nice to listen to this kind of fresh music once in a while! I get so happy when I hear “baby doll”‘s power house vocals again!!!! FLASHBACKS of the PCD GOLDEN ERA ❤ ❤ I miss them so much, but it’s good that they still are in the music business.

P.O.Y.B.L really feels like Melody! it’s pop/rnb mixtured with soul. The best songs are: Sweet Vendetta, Lipstick&Guilt, Bulletproof and Hit The Ground Running.

There are though some bad elements in this album (unfortunately). Someone to believe is really bad, talk about falling asleep… It also annoys me when songs are shorter than 2.52 minutes, then you really can’t get into the song before it is has ended. P.O.Y.B.L has 4 songs! that are shorter than 2.50 minutes.


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