Girlicious 2.0?

WOW! this is something that I never expected!!! There are some pretty reliable rumors saying that a new Girlicious line-up will happen. Nichole Cordova+ three other girls

TOP LEFT: Alex Segal TOP RIGHT: Nichole Cordova BOTTOM LEFT: Kasey Osborne BOTTOM RIGHT: Candace Craig

Nichole was filming a video with three other girls and they all said that they were in a girl group. The original member said in a u-stream (a couple of months ago) that she still is signed to Universal Music Canada, so is this Girlicious or are they going for a new name? only time will tell.

Looking at the pictures they all seem to have potential, but I’m not really digging the girl in the lower right corner (Natalie wannabe)

Nichole Cordova Facebook blog: “BUSY week.. I couldn’t be happier to have my mom here with me as I enter a new chapter of my life/career. My goodness, I have had my ups and downs these last 5 years basically growing up in LA. I am completely grateful and humbled by each experience, for it has prepared me for this next endeavor. I am blessed for my opportunities and I promise to be the very BEST me I could possibly be. Thank you to the people who are a part of my path & I hope to send you all positivity, inspiration, and my love”

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