Ricki-Lee -Do It Like That music video

OK, this result isn’t as good as I had hoped for. Let me just start by asking what the point is with just wearing PANTIES?! Not classy at all, everyone else are wearing shorts so what went wrong in Ricki’s styling? I prefer the Fred Falke remix much more than this original edit, the original cut isn’t powerful enough to make this type of video. She is acting as if she was “the australian Beyoncé”, I don’t know this just doesn’t cut it for me. She is trying way to hard to show off her body, when she instead should be focusing on expressing ENERGY!

HELLU!? this is a “do it like that” song, doesn’t the name scream “dance, sweat, work and work harder”. Instead the Australian pop star are strolling down the street with a very “famous whore” attitude (aka the sex sells ideology).

She shows that she can pull of some moves, but the choreography is way too easy for her. Give her some hard core routine that will keep her “wannabe seductive looks” from the camera.

I really wish that she will do a better video to the Fred Falke remix (if she does one).

Please note that I am not a Ricki-Lee hater, I like her but she needs to take a look regarding her image.

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