Melody Thornton – Smoking Gun


This video is beyond words, I love how different it is.

Melody isn’t signed to a a major record label and that can lead to great things if you know how to be creative and hard working all while not losing faith. Melody for sure knows how to do that, all while being new thinking. Her music sounds nothing like the rest mainstream (shit). When I listen to P.O.Y.B.L it feels like I am being transported back in time to the 60s *.* and the “Smoking Gun” music video makes the strange emotion even stronger. I am amazed over the fact that she hasn’t got that “huge kind of budget” and still manages to create a masterpiece like this, this is not cheap at all. The outfits, make up and the setting= amazing!

PS. did you know that Mel is responsible for her own make up, hair style and clothing, she does it all by herself!


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