The Saturdays – 30 Days MUSIC VIDEO

The Saturdays’ music video to 30 days has leaked.


What went wrong?! this is the worst video they have ever made. It looks so cheap that I am starting to get worried, how could their management go from the beautiful “My Heart Takes Over” (set in Iceland!!) to an advert music video in a boring little café? It feels like this has something to with their US plans.. The states are famous for completely change the looks of artists and they also want to have their own “versions” of band/artist’s songs. That is why they released 30 Days so early.












The Saturdays moved on from On Your Radar WAAAY TOO EARLY. I mean the album was absolutely amazing why the rush? 30 Days is good, but there are tracks on “On Your Radar” that are just as good.

The video is boring, cheap and embarrassing. This is below their standards and I really hope that they won’t split up because of this weird direction they are heading towards. They are rushed, which is B-A-D and that is especially because they are “the Saturdays” (the group that is constantly compared and degraded by girl aloud stans). They need to keep up their “ALL FIRED UP” standards or things are gonna get ugly……

You can watch the video in the link below:

2 thoughts on “The Saturdays – 30 Days MUSIC VIDEO

  1. Håller med dig helt,är totalt oförstående inför denna video.Hoppas verkligen att dom rycker upp sig riktigt snabbt för så här kan det inte fortsätta förstår väl vem som helst!
    Tjejerna är fantastiska och ska f r a m å t och inte bakåt på alla möjliga vis.
    Önskar dig en riktigt trevlig påsk 🙂

    • Ja verkligen!
      hopppas hoppas hoppas att de inser att det är låter som “all fired up” och notorious som de ska göra! jag tror faktist att det här är nästan den sämsta videon de har gjort!

      glad påsk i efterskott!! 🙂

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