Drake ft. Rihanna – Take Care (music video review)

I am really weak for brilliant, magnificent, beautiful and inspiring music videos. Awesomes music videos can have a huge impact on me. They can seriously change my opinions radically. I guess that it is important to me to have visuals images to connect the music with (maybe that is why I love dancing so much??)

ok, that was a sidetrack.

Anyways Drake and Rihanna have released a wonderful video to one of the best rap/rnb songs “Take Care”. I am impressed over Drake’s ability to express the song with his varied body language without “actual choreography”. That proves that he belongs to the Hip-Hop top along with Jay-Z & Kanye. RESPECT!

I love nature settings! So I was very pleased that the editors added the snow covered mountains and the burning trees at the end. Those images really put a huge weight on the depth of the song. I got carried away while watching it!! :—) The slow motion scenes with the buffalo, eel and the bird were EVERYTHING!! great great idea!



Rihanna is the ultimate fit for this song! She is an awesome artist and she has some serious chemistry with Drake (no wonder why there were so many rumours about them dating..) I think that it is great how simple the video is, but still so powerful and beautiful ❤

I usually dislike grey, but somehow I absolutely love the colour now! and just a few hours before I watched the video I would probably have skipped “Take Care” if it came up while I listened through my itunes library. That is not the case now though! It’s actually in my newest playlist (hehe) 😉

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