Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again music video

W-O-W, just wow!



I love, LOVE, LOVE J-LO’S music video to one of my FAVOURITE tracks at the moment, “Dance Again”. The different settings are perfect, I was blown away at the first seconds! I mean how magnificent wasn’t it when she flew up to the ceiling  where there were tons of other dancers? BRILLIANT!

The dancing break was awesome! There were many settings and outfits but I wasn’t disturbed by that at all. Sometimes a music video can become too “jumpy” that it just doesn’t make sense. Dance again was nothing like that all though.

In case you wondered why the HOT male “front figure” had that awesome chemistry with Jennifer, I can tell you that they are dating.

It’s a wonder in itself that Jennifer is becoming even more beautiful, the more she age. Incredible! She is definitely one of my role models, I am really admiring her for her ability to keep everything soooo Classy! 🙂

OOOH BTW!!! I would like to give Jennifer an award for the best close up scenes in music video history. I freaking love sparkle, glitter, pink, black and slow motion effects that spread the sparkle all over the screen *.* (DEAD!) I think that this gif says it all…

I am so happy right now that I could almost cry. This video proves that creativity isn’t dead :´)! Thank you so much for that editors & producers!

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