Cheryl Cole- Call My Name

Cheryl Cole is back after a 12 months break from the spotlight. Call My Name is a track that I had very high expectations for, I mean Calvin Harris produced it & Cheryl Cole is an interesting artist that can either be really good or not so good. I absolutely adore her as an artist but she isn’t maybe the most talented one, but who cares? I think that she stands out and has a great stage presence. I loved Fight for this love and Parachute, but her second album was kind of terrible. Many say that she is only famous for her looks, but if I would have to choose my favourite Girl Aloud member it would have gone to either her, Nadine (best vocals) or Nicola(unique style and personality). Wether you like her or not, she is beloved by a lot of people (especially in the UK).

You know what, when I think back in time she was actually the reason I started to like Girls Aloud! I really had a hard time trying to like them for several of years, but when Cheryl released Fight For This Love I actually started to enjoy the “Tangled Up” album. haha ((I love Girls Aloud now, but they are not my favourite group. The Sats are better))

The first time I listened to the track I wasn’t completely blown away. It was o-b-v-i-o-u-s that Calvin was the mastermind behind it and it almost sounded too similar to We Found Love. It also felt like her vocals were too slow and with a lack of energy in the chorus: “How d’you think I feel when you call my name? You got me confused by the way I change”.

After the third listening the song started to grow on me, I mean the chorus is very infective and insanely repeat-friendly. Call My Name is good! I can’t really imagine that I will be bored by it any-time soon. I am quite certain that this will smash the charts in the UK during the whole summer, but it won’t reach the global success “Fight For This Love” achieved. It will do good, but not as great.

There are many who hate her vocals. Does it shine through in Call My Name? I would say both yes and no, I actually don’t care so much about strong amazing vocals as I care about great artists who actually knows how to dance. There are different genres of music, POP for ex, (cheryl’s area) is very misinterpreted. You see vocals aren’t as required as the ability to be an artist. Which requires things like a great personality, stage presence and dancing skills. You can’t do pop if you only know how to sing, there are so many other factors that are included.

In my opinion I think that she only sounds weak when she cries out “Say My Name Baby”, the rest is bearable. 🙂


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