Alexandra Burke – Let It Go Music VIDEO

I honestly thought that Burke’s management would increase the budget for her music video to “Let It go”. Sadly I was wrong, the video is so bad that I deeply wish that I wouldn’t have seen it at all. In my opinion the song was a  potential new UK hit, unfortunately the video destroyed all my feelings for the song :(.

IT’S  so LAME! WHY DID SHE RELEASE IT? this makes no sense at all. Alexandra is an awesome dancer and Let It Go is a dance/club/pop banger so why did she spend most of her screen time strolling through a freaking subway? Yeah, yeah some might say that “she wanted to convey the message of the song”, but come on seriously?! The song isn’t that deep, IT’S POP for god’s sake! (aka the message is irrelevant)

so here is the video, don’t watch it if you love the song. Otherwise it’s a good laugh


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