Aubrey O’day- Wrecking Ball (single review)


One of my favourite artists Aubrey O’day ❤ has finally released her second single as a solo artist! For those of you who maybe have been living under a rock: Aubrey was one fifth of the legendary girl group DANITY KANE (one of the top 4 best girl groups that ever have walked on this planet). I have sadly accepted the fact that I never will get over their split up :(, I really dislike (HATE) you P.Diddy.

That was a necessary sidetrack, now over to the song

Wrecking Ball is very different from what I had expected! I was 110% sure that it was going to sound like her first single, Automatic. Aubrey’s second single is more of an exciting mixture of Demi Lovato pop, country and a little tiny bit of urban flavour. It’s more mature just like her new hair colour! she will for sure be taken more seriously from now on. WOHO! this girl has talent, many just haven’t realised it.

I am very sensitive when it comes to country, I can barely listen to it at all. In most of the cases it’s a little too wimpy for my taste. I can’t stand neither Taylor Swift nor Blake Shelton, but I do like Jessie James!

I think that Aubrey just hit the spot that I can handle of the country style. I am very pleased that there were a lot of different elements in the song and a huge + were the unexpectedly nice lyrics! You can tell why it took so long time for her to release Wrecking Ball (1 year). She has been taking a lot of vocal lessons and recorded and written many more than tracks than just this one (check out her twitter if you don’t believe me), Wrecking Ball is good and it is her best recorded vocal performance :). It will reach out to a huge crowd in the States for sure, but I can’t see it reach any success here in Europe (since “country” isn’t exactly popular in most of our countries).



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