Are you ready for this? Cos I really don’t think that you are..

A genius (S.I.R.) has done a remix/mashup of two legendary pop songs: Britney’s Till The World Ends & J-Lo’s Dance Again! I had no expectations or whatsoever when I for one week ago pressed the play button for the first time. What shocked me was that I was completely blown away (and I still am 😉 ).

Both Till The World Ends & Dance Again have the same message, so the lyrics make a perfect sense together. It was extremely smart of S.I.R to let Britney sing the verses while leaving the chorus to Jennifer, the biggest mistake in most of the mash-ups is that they usually are too messy and mixed up. Dance till the World ends has a perfect balance of both of the songs without giving you a headache. I also loved that RedOne’s beats in Dance Again came forward much more when we heard Britney instead of miss. Lopez! The whole song became way more mysterious, which is exactly what I am into! It’s so cool that he managed to flawlessly add in the “WOAH OH OH OH OH OH WOAH OH OH OH” in the chorus while J-Lo was singing! talk about the top of perfection *.*

I love to find songs that barely no other have in their library (at least not here in Sweden), this is a PERFECT example of that!

You really need to listen to this and watch the fan made music video, because this is NOT something that you want to miss! I swear to god.



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