Legendtina is back with a not so legendary album..

In the beginning of  2o12 I listed the albums that I were most excited about. It was Madonna’s MDNA & Christina Aguilera’s Lotus, they however turned out to be two of the worst releases.

When Christina released “Your Body” back in September I was thrilled! It was a true signature mark of my favorite diva and vocalist (sorry Adele). I knew it was going to flop though  (because of the boring current trend of generic mainstream dubstep dance music). Then when the video came out I was even more stoked! I loved the pink, the dreadlocks, the setting and the plot. Everything was perfection. ❤

A couple of days ago Lotus leaked, but when I listened to it I wasn’t feeling it at all. I thought that Lotus was going to be a 2.0 of Stripped (one of the best albums ever), but oh dear I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let me summarize what I think about Lotus in one sentence: It is an attempted “Stripped”, it has the (ex.Beautiful)power ballads “Best Of Me” and “Sing For Me” and (ex.Dirty)fierce empowerment tracks like “Red Hot Kinda Love” and “Your Body”, the only problem is just that none of them are even half as good as the originals. The album is weak and also boring.

The only tracks that I can imagine myself listening to in the future are “Your Body” (“Cease Fire or Just A Fool”) and “Best Of Me”. It is a pure fact that Bionic flopped and completely understandable, but I think that Lotus actually is capable of doing worse. Who knows, maybe Lotus will give us a new definition of “flopping even harder” when it is released in a couple of days. Let’s wait and see!

My advice to all of my fellow Legendtina fans is to put Stripped, Burlesque and Back to Basics albums on repeat and not lose faith, maybe there will come a day when Christina will release good music again. </3

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