“Grab somebody, go and live it up!” with my favorite tracks right now


Rihanna – Numb (feat. Eminem) & Lost In Paradise. 

Unapologetic is very similar to Talk That Talk, they are not great albums but they have a few really good songs! Numb, Diamonds and Lost In Paradise are all perfect song choices for Rihanna’s vocal register. Numb is my current favorite numero uno! The beats are craaaazy sexy right from the start until the very end. What can I say, I’m completely sold! Eminem in my ❤

Icona Pop – Ready For The Weekend 

GAAAH! obsessed, obsessed. This is a pure party song that doesn’t have party beats that become annoying halfway through the track. I’m stunned! “Grab somebody, go and live it up!” I love the reckless feeling Icona pop is spreading with their flawless debut sophomore album that was released yesterday.(go and buy it!!)


Lana Del Rey – Cola 

Lana is without no doubt one of my favorite artists! Cola is her next single from the Paradise edition of Born To Die (that has no bad songs). Jesus christ, I thought that she wouldn’t be able to release new songs that are on the same musical level as “Ride”, but she surprised me once again! Cola is BEAutiful

•Nikki Williams – Kill, Fuck, Marry 

This is a new rising star with a bright future! Kill, Fuck, Marry is like a great combination of Kelly Clarkson and Lana Del Rey. I especially love the intro and the chorus!

Girls Aloud – Something New 

I don’t know what sort of magical curse United Kindom has, but great acts and songs JUST KEEP ON COMING! #thebritishinvasion. Girls Aloud are one of the best girls groups ever and that is partly because of their work with my favorite producers Xenomania! They never dissapoint when they put their forces together, which we clearly can hear in their latest co-operation SOMETHING NEW. BRING ON THE GIRL POWER (ps. the video is one of the best in 2012)


Christina Aguilera – Let There Be Love 

I would like to apologize a litte bit for my rejective review I wrote a few days ago. Lotus in not that bad.. Please accept my apology with this little entry ❤

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