6 new music videos in 1 week

What a week! The music videos just kept on coming ūüôā¬†I will try to summarise and judge them all in one post.

Tinashe- This Feeling

Cheryl – Call My Name

Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

Shakira – Addicted To You

Jennifer Lopez (and the two other guys) – Follow The Leader

I would like to start with the easiest choice,¬†THE WORST VIDEO,¬†and the price goes to Justin Bieber. The Boyfriend video is so¬†embarrassing¬†that it’s actually hard to finish it without banging your head towards your desk. I thought that he had grown up when I first listened to the song, but he is still acting and looking like a 14 year old. If that wasn’t enough, the other casted people look 10 years older than him and the car scenes… don’t even get me started.

BEST CHOREOGRAPHY¬†goes to Tinashe- This Feeling! I think that she did a great job with her debut video. She isn’t near the other artists budgets and still she pulled out a video that didn’t look cheap at ALL. I loved how focused it was on the dance! The background was perfect aswell!

BEST SCENERY and outfits¬†goes to Rihanna’s epic master piece song Where Have You Been! There were a lot of different settings with wonderful outfits, I love how down to earth the whole video is! She isn’t maybe the best dancer, but she has definitely improved since “Pon De Replay”. All that I am seeking for now is more energy and sparks! The choreography was good, I have seen better though… I think that the camera was too focused on Ri-Ri at some points, ME WANT TO SEE THE R.E.A.L. DANCERS that really can betray the wild feeling in the song!

THE MOST¬†PROFESSIONAL¬†INFRONT OF THE CAMERA:¬†Sorry Rihanna, but Jennifer takes the price! I loved how much energy Jennifer brought into this video, you can really see that she was working ¬†her ass off! She was in the moment twenty four seven! It’s weeiiirrd that she is the one who is featured, HELLU?! she has 80% of the screen time and the song. ((Cheryl takes the silver/second price in this award))

LEAST PROFESSIONAL INFRONT OF THE CAMERA: I can’t choose between Justin and Tinashe. They were both trying way too hard to be “sexy”

Most Beautiful Video:¬†Shakira- Addicted To You! I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG ‚̧

!!MOST ADDICTIVE VIDEO!!:¬†This is the most¬†honourable¬†price, because what is the point of releasing a video if people only will watch it once?! ¬†This is a hard choice but I will have to say that I am right now choosing between Jennifer Lopez’s Follow The Leader and Cheryl’s Call My Name. The reason for that is that both of the girls brought so much energy and passion to their works that I just wanna watch the videos over and over again! THEY WERE LIVING IN THE MOMENT! A HUGE plus for J-Lo’s video was that it was very new thinking and creative, the street ninja tricks were AMAZING! Can someone learn me how to do them?? plz?

Usher – Lemme See ft. Rick Ross

Finally a new GOOD rnb track! The beats are on fire, just like Usher. Lemme See is groovy and I just wanna dance when I listen to it!


ps. Sorry for not posting so much these last few days, not feeling so creative at the moment..

EPIC WARNING…Cassie – King Of Hearts (Richard X Remix)

I never thought that someone could manage to make a successful remix of the epic master piece “King Of Hearts” by Cassie. Richard X proved to me that I was completely wrong. In his remake of the song the original jungle beats are almost gone and replaced by some nice pop:ish elctro beats that are very nice to listen to! It sounds completely different, but at the same time the “game-changer” aura that made King Of Heart so extremely good is still there <;3.

I think that this remix will also appeal to the ones that weren’t amazed of the original version. The Richard X remix is more mainstream, it’s a nice complement to the original version.

(*note though that it isn’t better than the original version, haha;))


More S.I.R. remixes

Here are some more remixes by S.I.R. that I found on his youtube page! I scrolled through the most watched and I think that these are the best ones (except Dance Till The World Ends) ūüôā


Are you ready for this? Cos I really don’t think that you are..

A genius (S.I.R.) has done a remix/mashup of two legendary pop songs: Britney’s Till The World Ends & J-Lo’s Dance Again! I had no expectations or whatsoever when I for one week ago pressed the play button for the first time. What¬†shocked me¬†was that I was completely blown away (and I still am ūüėČ ).

Both Till The World Ends & Dance Again have the same message, so the lyrics make a perfect sense together. It was extremely smart of S.I.R to let Britney sing the verses while leaving the chorus to Jennifer, the biggest mistake in most of the mash-ups is that they usually are too messy and mixed up. Dance till the World ends has a perfect balance of both of the songs without giving you a headache. I also loved that RedOne’s beats in Dance Again came forward much more when we heard Britney instead of miss. Lopez! The whole song became way more mysterious, which is exactly what I am into! It’s so cool that he managed to flawlessly add in the “WOAH OH OH OH OH OH WOAH OH OH OH” in the chorus while J-Lo was singing! talk about the top of perfection *.*

I love to find songs that barely no other have in their library (at least not here in Sweden), this is a PERFECT example of that!

You really need to listen to this and watch the fan made music video, because this is NOT something that you want to miss! I swear to god.



“My Body Is Ready”

Rihanna’s music video to Where Have You Been will be released in any second/minute/hour now!! holy mother of god, I know that it is going to be EPIC, because all of Ri-Ri’s music videos are so insanely flawless and creative that she beats pretty much everyone in the industry (atm) when it comes to releasing the best music videos. I would also like to give her cred for her successful promotion in which she engages a lot of time with her fans. Too many pop artists have a tendency to take their careers for granted and just don’t give A … about their supporters.

Where Have You Been is better than We Found Love and it is by far the hottest track on the “Talk That Talk” album, that is why this video is especially important for me!

JUST LOOK AT THESE STILLS! words cannot describe my high anticipations *.*!


Aubrey O’day- Wrecking Ball (single review)


One of my favourite artists Aubrey O’day ‚̧ has finally released her second single as a solo artist! For those of you who maybe have been living under a rock: Aubrey was one fifth of the legendary girl group DANITY KANE (one of the top 4 best girl groups that ever have walked on this planet). I have sadly accepted the fact that I never will get over their split up :(, I really dislike (HATE) you P.Diddy.

That was a necessary sidetrack, now over to the song

Wrecking Ball is very different from what I had expected! I was 110% sure that it was going to sound like her first single, Automatic. Aubrey’s second single is more of an exciting mixture of Demi Lovato pop, country and a little tiny bit of urban flavour. It’s more mature just like her new hair colour! she will for sure be taken more seriously from now on. WOHO! this girl has talent, many just haven’t¬†realised¬†it.

I am very sensitive when it comes to country, I can¬†barely¬†listen to it at all. In most of the cases it’s a little too wimpy for my taste. I can’t stand neither Taylor Swift nor Blake Shelton, but I do like Jessie James!

I think that Aubrey just hit the spot that I can handle of the country style. I am very pleased that there were a lot of different elements in the song and a huge + were the¬†unexpectedly nice lyrics! You can tell why it took so long time for her to release Wrecking Ball (1 year). She has been taking a lot of vocal lessons and recorded and written many more than tracks than just this one (check out her twitter if you don’t believe me), Wrecking Ball is good and it is her best recorded vocal performance :). It will reach out to a huge crowd in the States for sure, but I can’t see it reach any success here in Europe (since “country” isn’t exactly popular in most of our countries).